This is a web application for a same day parcel delivery business based in Singapore. In the first screen the user enters the pick up and drop off info, selects the service he will need, and request a quote. User can view the order summary, which has editable fields in case user needs to make any changes. Any changes made will update on the billing details. User can select upgrades and add-ons and proceed to the payment page.
 User can track multiple packages at a time, each package in a collapsible and expandable content section. Each package will have its own color code, and a user can check or uncheck the package’s color box to show/hide package tracking on the map. User can see the courier against every order and has easy access to call or send a message. On the right the user gets relevant status updates regarding the order.

Laptop mock up from”>Designed by Aleksandr_Samochernyi