Demo Reel
Quick glimpse into a compilation of my work.

Flying House

Compositing a virtual object over real world scene after matching cameras and lights, and blending with other objects in the environment.

Software used: Autodesk maya, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop

What happened to your body?

Facial modeling and animation. The tree face explains where her body disappeared.

View details of the project here:

The Kissing Algorithm

Inspired by the Friendship Algorithm from the TV series Big Bang Theory.
I came up with a unique and creative way to present an algorith in a video format. It combines video, graphics and animation. I slogged for days and days and days in the making.

Special thanks to my friend Austin Hines for helping me with camera and lighting. He’s an expert film maker based in Los Angeles.
Check out his work here:

Software used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop

A wind wind situation

All art is created using letters purely as visual forms.

Row row row your boat

Here’s the fruition of months of hard work for the first assignment I had as a student of  Visualization Sciences at Texas A&M University. Each student was required to animate a nursery rhyme of their choice.

This is my animation of the nursery rhyme ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’. I am quite pleased with my character design of the  ‘Lily Boat’ and her turtle friend. This project was a good first hands on experience of every step of the animation pipeline – Art direction, 3d modeling, lighting and materials, rigging and animation, and composition.

Life is a loop

This project is a pixelated spoof of the advantages, disadvantages,boredom, convenience, funniness of the old time 2d animated cartoons with loopy backgrounds. An 80’s kid grows up into his twenties, and he is still in the loop.

Promotional video for a start up (Draft) 

I made this promotional videos for an upcoming budget hotel chain in 2015. I used After Effects and Photoshop.
Note: This is just a draft version. Their logo changed later.